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New Daily Mass & Confession Schedule

Do you know what Mass is? In the Church it is what the sun is in our world, it is the soul of our faith, the center of our religion, the end and center of all the ceremonies, rites and sacraments. In a word it is the summary of all that is beautiful and good in the Church of God." 
- St. Leonard of Port Maurice

Why the Change?

Throughout our Set Ablaze pastorate planning process, Bishop DeGrood has asked each pastorate in the Diocese to review their mass schedules in order to provide greater access to mass outside of the work day and reduce duplication of mass times in Churches that are near to each other. Our pastorate planning committee also set a goal to “Develop a sacrament and mass schedule that allows for flexibility of worship within the pastorate and greater availability of priests to serve our ministries excellently.” In order to fulfill the Bishop’s desire and our goal as a pastorate, we have decided to revise our daily mass and confession schedule. Our weekend Mass schedule will not change.  The following are the main objectives of the Mass schedule change; to reduce duplication of mass times, to create more mass times outside of the workday, and to reduce the number of masses in our pastorate to two masses a day. 


The process by which we determined the new daily Mass schedule was first in consultation with the pastorate planning committee; it was recommended to the priests that we develop a schedule that we were comfortable with in light of our own work and ministries. We developed a schedule with the above objectives in mind and then conducted a survey of select parishioners and daily mass-goers within our pastorate to have a round of feedback. Based on the feedback we received from the parishioners that we could in act upon while still fulfilling our main goals, we decided on the daily Mass schedule below.


This daily mass schedule will begin on July 2, 2024, and run throughout the next year. After that year, we will have another round of evaluation to see if this achieves our goals. The Set Ablaze process is a continual process of evaluation and discernment to understand how we can best serve the people of this pastorate for decades to come.

Daily Mass and Confession Times

The following daily mass schedule will start on Tuesday July 2, 2024:

8:00 am St. Mary
5:30 pm St. John Paul II (Divine Mercy Ministry Center)

7:00 am Christ the King
8:00 am (8:30am during school year) St. Mary
9:00 am - 3:00 pm Adoration St. Mary*
12:00 pm Confessions St. Mary
5:00 pm Confessions Christ the King**

7:00 am (8:30am during school year) Christ the King
9:00 am - 3:00 pm Adoration Christ the King
8:30am St. John Paul II (Divine Mercy Ministry Center)***

7:00 am Christ the King

8:00 am St. Mary

2:30 pm Confessions Christ the King
4:00 pm Mass Christ the King
2:45 pm Confessions St. Mary
4:00 pm Mass St. Mary
3:30 pm Confessions St. John Paul II (Shalom Lutheran)
4:30 pm Mass St. John Paul II (Shalom Lutheran)

8:00 am Mass Christ the King
9:00 am Mass St. Mary
9:30 am Mass St. John Paul II (Harrisburg High School)
10:00 am Mass Christ the King
11:00 am Mass St. Mary
4:00 pm Confessions Christ the King (While Universities in session)
5:00 pm Mass Christ the King (While Universities in session)

* With the elimination of confessions at 5pm and with the desire for the possibility of students attending benediction at the end of the school day, we have decided to end adoration at 3pm.


** We had confessions offered at 5pm at St. Mary and Christ the King. The confessions at Christ the King were always more significant in number than at St. Mary. While the noon confessions at St. Mary is always full. We determined it made more sense to keep the time and place where they are better attended. During the Advent and Lent seasons, we will add a priest at each location.


*** In our first draft of the schedule, we had the Mass at 8am, but many people felt it would not be possible to get to Mass at that time. Although this is a duplicate mass time, with the physical distance between Christ the King and the Divine Mercy Ministry Center, we felt 8:30 am would be a good option.

If you have any questions please reach out to the staff at the Divine Mercy Ministry Center.

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